Outstanding Job at Our Wedding

Amanda and I would like to tell you that you did an outstanding job at our wedding. Our first DJ disappeared on us and you came in less than three weeks before our wedding and had all of our music prepared for us earlier than expected. The fact that you showed up at the wedding much earlier, shows that you want to put on a great show for your clients. We where surprised at the amount of songs you had available on the spot when people where making requests. Amanda made a comment that every name that she gave you, you happened to play her favorite from each artist, and she had never told you the songs, just names. Everything was perfect and we were beyond pleased with everything you did for us. We hope to see you again at another wedding.

Stress-Free DJ Services for Our Wedding

We wanted to thank you for the awesome job you did playing for our wedding. With everything we had going on, having you as a DJ was one of the few things that was stress-free. Everything from the music you played, getting people out on the dance floor, and letting people know about the different events (i.e. cake cutting, first dance, bouquet toss) was absolutely perfect. It all went off without a hitch and we could not have planned for it to go any better. We would definitely recommend you to our friends.

FingerSnappin’ Entertainment Was AMAZING!

What a great deal from FingerSnappin’.  My daughter’s wedding reception was AMAZING!…..and the DJ and Photo Booth were a big part of why it was so FUN!  If you’re thinking about using these services, think no more.  You will not be sorry, you will be happy, happy, happy!  Thank you so much for everything.  We couldn’t have asked for better!  I can’t tell you how hard we have laughed looking at the book of the photos taken in the booth.  It is priceless!